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Core Health Testimonials

Core Health Testimonials

Ages 11 – 81

Core Health Testimonial from Chris Petersen

Sarasota, Florida – January, 2010

“Core Health was an incredible tune up and enhancement of mind, body, strength, and spirit.

Chris Petersen and Brennan at Siesta Key

Chris Petersen and Brennan at Siesta Key

This experience with Michael was not only simple, but enlightening as well.

I no longer value stress, and I am free to live, learn, and create my life each and every day.

Thank you for all your hard work Michael, I am lucky to have you as a friend!”

Chris Petersen

Sarasota, Fl

Core Health Testimonial from Dr. Ali Tahiri

Sarasota, Florida – August, 2010

picture of Dr Ali Tahiri

Dr. Ali Tahiri

“The Core Health Workshop exceeded my wildest expectations.”

“The facilitators make themselves available to follow through. Repetition of the material ensures consolidation of imparted knowledge effectively.”

“Core Health has changed my outlook, my expectations from life and my role in the universe. I notice a clear change in my attitude and calmness.”

Core Health Testimonial and Heart Forgiveness Testimonial from Tim Van Atta – Feb 2011

Sarasota, Fl

Tim Van Atta

“As a child I was severely abused.

Twenty three years ago I was advised to see a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist fundamentally told me that that the child abuse was not important and that he had drugs that would make me feel better.

He said the past was not important and with his mind altering drugs, my future would be good.

After 23 years of being given stronger and stronger psychiatric medication, I became unable to care for myself. My ability to communicate with other people disappeared and gradually I went from being a self-sufficient responsible adult to a despondent, helpless individual.

Fortunately, when suicide and despair were all I had left, I met some people who realized what was happening to me. They took me first to holistic doctors who helped me stop the destructive psychiatric drugs and introduced me to Core Health.

After a few months of taking Core Health and Heart Forgiveness, coupled with numerous private Core Health sessions and the help of my new doctors, I was able to gradually reduce and then get off the habit forming, mind altering prescription drugs the psychiatrist had me addicted to.

My psychiatrists had no way of resolving child abuse. From my experience, psychiatric drugs numb the pain and eventually the dosage of the drugs has to be increased to the point where you become a helpless human being.

In my personal experience, if you are sincere about Core Health and Heart Forgiveness, the emotional and Spiritual damage that child abuse causes can be fixed.

For me, doctors always treat the symptoms. They never fix the cause. Core Health fixes the cause and releases the Spirit.”

Tim Van Atta – 67

Sarasota, Fl

Core Health Testimonial from Bert Carpenter

Sarasota, Florida – August, 2010

Bert Carpenter

“Core Health changed the way I deal with things that are negative.”

“There are too many ways to even start describing how my new expansions – experienced in this workshop – will benefit my life.

“I had a great connection with the facilitators. Really good people – really accommodating and warm. I had no disappointments about this class – everything presented was very clear.”

“I’d like to see simultaneous Core Health classes offered in parallel so that other firefighters and police officers – who have rotating shifts – can attend these classes.”

Bert Carpenter


Core Health Testimonial from Sue Martens

Naples, Florida – January, 2011

“In Core Health, Dr Ed Carlson has created a highly innovative yet simple method (past and present) of balancing human energy fields without the psycho analysing / trauma of identifying and reliving the event itself.

Michael and Alexandra Barrett are both highly trained, energetic, and compassionate people. They are enthusiastic about their role as Facilitators capable of efficiently guiding all individuals of a group to new levels of consciousness.

Although an ongoing process, the class itself has led to less stress and higher tolerance of irritating situations as well as long forgotten sensations – joy and happiness.

Incredible experience.”

Sue Martens, RN

Naples, Florida

Core Health Testimonial from Susan Settle

Sarasota, Florida – January, 2011

Exceptional! I loved this class.

Michael and Alexandra are an outstanding team. As Facilitators they are dedicated, genuine, hard-working and fun. Their commitment and integrity are palpable.

My blood pressure has improved dramatically and I was more relaxed through the holidays than I have been in many years. Listening to the cd’s every night at home has really helped as well.

This is an extraordinary program and I highly recommend it.

Susan S.

Sarasota, Fl

Core Health Testimonial from Barbara Brand

Sarasota, Florida – January, 2011

I recommend Core Health to everyone. I mean exactly what I just said – everyone. It is a life altering course that can help everyone live more meaningfully.

A respected friend of mine recommended Core Health; so I knew that I should probably take it. I did have expectations that I would get something valuable out of the class, but never in a million years did I think a whole new world would open up.

The first class convinced me that there was a lot more to it than just sitting in a class and learning or not learning something. After the first class I could feel a change in me that I knew was real and I wanted more. After several classes I noticed that big changes had occurred in the way that I think, in the way that I responded instead of reacting to people or events. A wonderful sense of well being came over me. Peace and contentment are my constant companions. My dreams even confirmed that I was ridding my spiritual life of millstones that I had been carrying around with me. The kicker of all this is I really didn’t consciously DO anything. Really, it worked like magic. It was all subconscious. Week after week, the removal of old thoughts, beliefs, pain, anger and pure lies from my subconscious has opened up a whole new world for me.

Because of Core Health, I know to the very root of my being that I am the sole creator of everything in my life and that everything is possible. That single understanding is the most important achievement of my life and I am at a loss for words as to how grateful I am to Dr. Ed Carlson and his creation of Core Health. Without his desire to make the world a better place for everyone, I would not be where I am and feel as I do.

Alexandra and Michael Barrett are the best. They lovingly teach, guide, and work with participants to make sure that they comprehend everything. The patience, diligence, skill and love they show to participants is evident in every class, in every word they speak. The “real” evidence for me has been the transformation of my life.

You know what, I did “buy happiness” and you can too. Take the class… change your life.

Barbara Brand

Sarasota, Fl

Core Health Testimonial from Sylvia Arse

Sarasota, Florida – January, 2011

Michael and Alexandra, Core Health Facilitators, are a gentle and dynamic team offering us a transformative view of Being that has always been our natural state.

Using Core Health’s unique body/mind/energy system and today’s understanding of the new physics, the many falsehoods and mechanical conditionings that have been automatically running our lives can be tested and cleared.

In the process we become more fully present and free to make conscious choices based on our own highest truth.

“How cool is this?”

As an elder and student of life, I am grateful for the opportunity to have participated in this pioneering approach to wholeness and look forward to making it part of my everyday life.

Sylvia A.

Sarasota, Fl


Core Health Testimonial from Timothyray Laber

Sarasota, Florida – January, 2011

Core Health for me is a gentle slowing. It is turning my attention to recognizing I come from the source of LOVE.

Core Health is becoming a practice of looking at myself. My attitudes. My behavior. Noticing what is right with me from any of these perspectives.

Finding community with other souls learning, growing and risking being real and vulnerable with each other. This is a major benefit for me, in participating in the Core Health Play-shop.

Core Health is about the experience of learning about acceptance. Accepting what I am, what you are and what we experience together.

Some have asked me to explain to them what I was learning in Core Health. I tried to tell them the classes are about the experience. Not about the concepts or the mental understanding through reading or memorizing some “facts”.

Core Health Workshops are about your personal experience with facing yourself. Your experience will be between you and your source. Between you and your spiritual self. Between you and Divine Love.

You now have both my invitation and encouragement to attend Core Health Workshops.

Timothray Laber

Massge Therapist

Sarasota, Fl


Core Health Testimonial from Vivian Bottino

Sarasota, Florida – January, 2011

Core Health is an amazing program.

I highy recommend it to all who would like to improve their mind, body and spirit. I have learned how to remove old thoughts and behavior patterns that ‘glitched’ my energy and kept me from being “free to be me”.

I am now able to change my flow of energy to be joyful, comfortable and self confident. I enjoyed Michael and Alexandra’s approach to making the class interesting, fun and exciting.

I will miss them and all the hugs from my ‘energy’ classmates.

Vivian Bottini

Sarasota, Fl

Core Health Testimonial from Diane Lane

Sarasota, Florida – August, 2010

Diane Lane

“Core Health exceeded my hopes and anticipation. I really didn’t know what to expect, but found it fascinating and life changing. I really enjoyed this experience. Everything was presented clearly.”

“I connected with the facilitators from the moment we met. Really great – both exude experience, passion and wisdom.”

I feel (inside, literally) like a different person. And I feel as though I am grounding. :-)”

Diane Lane

Massage Therapist

Heart Forgiveness Testimonials

Heart Forgiveness Testimonial from Mary Cetan

Sarasota, Florida – Dec, 2010

Mary Cetan, DOM

Heart Forgiveness Testimonial from Mary Cetan

Sarasota, Florida – Dec, 2010

“I am looking forward to Core Health and have had so many miracles already from Heart Forgiveness!

I thank you and Alexandra for the work you do with bringing this work out to humanity.  I know that there is always so much that goes on behind the scenes to accomplish the outer works.

Blessings to you both.  Mary”

Dr. Mary Cetan
Doctor of Oriental Medicine

Veikko – March 2010

“The facilitators are extremely enthusiastic and totally dedicated to teaching and sharing these tools and techniques.”

“All segments were presented clearly. The facilitators radiate energy.”

Lorin Harmes

Heart Forgiveness Testimonial
from Lorin Harmes

Sarasota, Florida – March 2010

“Excellent, most powerful seminar I’ve done…

More powerful than Forum.”

Helen – March 2010

“The facilitator was warm and experienced and made my experience of a group wonderful.”

“I trust Michael with all my heart because he has helped me know myself.”

“We would like to take Core Health starting at the end of January next year when we return.”

Marcia Silverman – Sun City – 6/20/10

Heart Forgiveness Testimonial:

” What an interesting, objective approach to dealing with old deep seated negativity.”

“Everything was made clear to us in as much time as required. Nothing  overdone.”

“The facilitators are excellent – great input, clear explanations – really care about the people present.”

Rev. Lorine Cummings – Sun City – 6/20/10

“Heart Forgiveness was unlike any training I have experienced & I have had much training. “

“This is an answer to prayer of the last 2 years! I am considering becoming a facilitator.”

“The facilitators have good energy – able to remain focused & listen & absorb. Supportive and insightful – good team – enjoyed watching their interaction.”

Alice Williams – March 2011 – Sun City -Testimonial

Heart Forgiveness Workshop – May 2010

“You came to my house last May and did the heart forgiveness workshop for three of us.

At the time,  I felt that I did not get as much out of the workshop as the other two women.  It was nice but I wasn’t ecstatic.  I figured I had done a lot of work over the years, yada, yada.

However, I have only recently realized how much I got from it.

My  father was a difficult parent, feared by his children.  I realized lately that my anger at him is totally gone and I am at peace with him.

Through a friend who can communicate with those on the other side, I spoke with him and let him know that I forgave him completely.  He has been suffering much guilt and was overwhelmed that I have forgiven him.  It was very moving!

We are both at great peace now. What a gift! Thanks a bunch.”

Alice Williams

D.A. Tyler – 9/23/10

DA Tyler

“Wonderful group of people I felt very much a part of. Everything was explained beautifully with examples.”


“The facilitator is responsive to my questions and enthusiastic in his interactions with us all. Willing to share his personal experiences.”

Sylvia – 9/23/10

Heart Forgiveness Testimonial:

“It was a 10.”

How I see Heart Forgiveness benefiting my life:

“More able to deal with issues rather than emotions and thoughts clamoring for priority.”

“I felt energy shifts with each process. Experienced in contemplation that a cloud had been lifted from my soul.”

Jim Trider Testimonial – 9/22/10

” Heart Forgiveness was much more than I had hoped for or anticipated.”

“Very good connection with the facilitators – very thought conscious.”

How Do You See This Benefiting You:

“Total understanding and improved self awareness.”

Maribeth testimonial- 9/28/10 – Sarasota

” In Heart Forgiveness I learned more about myself. Less anger and more bargaining.”

“I felt the facilitator’s energy.”

Janet – 9/28/10 – Sarasota

“From the Heart Forgiveness Workshop, I see these new expansions benefiting all facets of my being.”

“Increased energy level for dealing with a trying and most difficult life situation.”

“Excellent connection to the facilitators with an understanding of their own real life experience that helps to connect with others.  Great communication throughout.”

Dr. Ali Tahiri – Testimonial – 9/2/10 – Sarasota

“Heart Forgiveness taught me to be a calmer stronger person. I have a better relationship with my kids and the world.”

“The facilitator was energetic – his interest above and beyond the course. Good balance between re-cap as necessary and personal experiences.”

You can see Heart Forgiveness Videos Testimonials here.

Core Health Testimonials


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